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Haikal, currently work as a software Test Engineer, in a joint venture IT Airline Service company, located in Jakarta.

My career started as software developer at Balicamp @Sept 2004, in SOSA project for a year. Then it continued in this company -still as software developer- @Sept 2005. After one year in FrequentLine project – @Sept 2006, Ramadhan- a team is initiated to bring up “Software Testing” in this company. And I was one of the member of that team. Growing fast with training and practice, the team is now has six members.

You can contact me at


9 Responses to "About me"

Salam kenal mas..
“alumni” BaliCamp tooh.. 😀

Salam kenal mas haikal. Eh, udah kenal ding 😀

Salam kangen dari saya, Haikal 😎

Salam kenal yah 🙂

Tak ragu lagi,

ini pasti haikal, alumnus gebang kidul 31 ya ?

salam kangen Kal 🙂

Salam sayang mas … wuikikikik

ternyata aq (apa smpeyan y?) ada kembarannya… =))

salam kembar mas! 😀


numpang lewat….

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