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menarik 😉


blog bagus buat nasihat agama.. isinya mantabs

No Windows, No Gates, It is Open. No Bill, it is FREE!
-Ronnie Muhadi, ym status-

Makanya.. belajar linux dong… 😉

Good to know!

Interviewer: These are the rules that can be used to measure the ‘interview performance’ of your candidate

Interviewee: Use these rule as one of  your guidance how to perform… (I believe these are not enough!)


Posted on: January 6, 2008

Jadi resolusi 2008 nya gimana?

Bingung nih .. 1024 x768 atau 800 x 600 ya… 😐

makanya, baca dong.. yg ini !!!

*wah, untung belum nulis resolusi ’08 di blog ini… 😛

On this rainy new year 2008, it’s always ok to repolishes our spirit. And I also waiting for another new year: 1429 Hijr, 1 Muharram 😉

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